In this episode, we are going to explore my favorite topic water, once again. We are going to shed some light, pun intended, on how light interacts with water. Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova has developed a method to measure disease through the spectrum of infrared light, that is partially absorbed by the water in our bodies.
She is a world leading water scientist and a Phd in engineering.

  • How would you describe your work in a nutshell?
  • Can you define the term quality, when it comes to water?
  • How does water interact with light?
  • Does a different light spectrum effect water differently?
  • Does water only absorb or also reflect/emit light?
  • What can we learn about the light that is reflected/absorbed?
  • Whats the interaction between water and silicon?
  • Whats is information when it comes to water?
  • How do waters differ in the body?
  • How can our waters be disturbed?
  • How can we improve the water we are?
  • How can you measure coherence in water and diagnose health conditions?
  • Can we also treat the disease from there?
  • Could you measure a contamination with heavy metals in the body with your method?
  • Whats the interaction between water and the microbiome?
  • Are light and water epigenetic factors and thus, do they have an effect on our DNA?
  • Tell me about the relationship between sound, infrared light and what are its overtones?
  • What does move your heart right now?
  • Where can we find you?

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Website Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova

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