Autism is on the rise and its origins are widely unknown. Yet my todays guest, simply doesn’t think so.
Dr. Stephanie Sennef is a senior research scientist at MIT, has a bachelor in biophysics, a masters degree in electrical engineering and a doctoral degree in computer science.


  • Introduce yourself
  • What is autism?
  • A few years ago, you have made some terrible predictions about the statistical development of autism in our society? What were these and are they still valid?
  • Were the statistics always done the same way or are we including more diseases into the autism spectrum like the Asperger syndrome, which then leads to an increase in cases? In other words: Do people fall under the autistic spectrum, that weren’t in the 60thies?
  • What’s the role of genetics?
  • What is the role of vaccines?
  • How did you discover the role of Glyphosate (GPS) in autism?
  • What is GPS?
  • GPS kills every plant. what are GPS resistant crops?
  • I eat organic or better since 2014, yet I’m high in GPS. How is that possible?
  • What kind of levels do we see in breast milk e.g.?
  • Which are the biggest sources of exposure?
  • What is the mechanism of GPS? How does it affect the body?
  • Can you explain the shikimate pathway? What does GPS to it?
  • Is glyphosate a real analogue to glycine?
  • How does GPS trigger food sensitivities?
  • Does GPS deliver aluminum to the brain and the pineal gland? which role does pH play?
  • How does GPS affect the pollinators like the bees?
  • Which organs are getting affected by GPS?
  • How does it affect the mitochondria?
  • What does GPS to the gut microbiome?
  • Which detox enzymes are affected in the liver?
  • Some famous people in Germany say, glyphosate doesn’t do anything, but it’s the stuff they mix it with, like arsenic that cause the toxic effect. What do you think about that?
  • What are the epigenetic effects of glyphosate?
  • Are there any other contributing factors to the rise of autism?
  • How does GPS connect to other factors?
  • Measles vaccines contain GPS?
  • How does GPS affect melatonin, serotonin, dopamine and sleep?
  • Any connection to Alzheimer and cancer?
  • I have heard you talk about a special protein called AID. Could you expand on this and its relation to GPS?
  • Is there any synergy happening between GPS and other substances?
  • What is BASF’s Liberty Link (developed by BAYER)?
  • With the Montsanto/Bayer deal, what is going on behind the scenes?
  • Is there any hope?
  • Will our economy collapse?
  • How can we detoxify GPS?
  • How can we protect us even further?
  • Russia is going to go all organic. Is that the place to move to? Siberia?
  • Are we completely nuts as a species?  Are humans the virus infection of the planet?
  • Personal question: Why not supplementing Vitamin D?
  • Where can we find you?


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